Global leadership in industrial real estate gives Prologis the broad scale and deep expertise to drive profitable growth.

01 Global reach

We connect customers with consumers across countries comprising 70+ percent of the world’s GDP.
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02 Premier locations

Our facilities serve the world’s most important centers of commerce.
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03 Innovative solutions

For 30 years we have pioneered cutting-edge design, delivered value through innovation, and defined best practices for the industry.
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04 Local expertise

We match global scale with local strength by putting the right people in the right places.
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05 Leadership

Our leadership’s commitment to excellence is unwavering.
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Growth trends

We invest at the confluence of four drivers of global growth: population, consumption, e-commerce and urbanization. Our scale and reach make us the preferred choice for customers and investors alike.

Shanghai skyline

Major markets

We serve some of the world’s largest companies in the world’s most prosperous trade-linked markets. Our properties enable the borderless flow of goods, positioning us to realize the highest risk-adjusted returns—well ahead of the competition.

globe with Asia view


69 buildings
45 MSF
$6.5B AUM

globe with Europe view


660 buildings
167 MSF
$13.3B AUM

globe with Americas view


2,124 buildings
378 MSF
$33.0B AUM

Bay Bridge in San Francisco


Advantaged access

Our 2,900 high-quality facilities serve global trade locally. We operate within easy reach of the world’s most vibrant centers of commerce where per-capita consumption is high or growing and commercial infrastructure is robust—with major seaports, airports, and ground transportation nearby.

Nanpu bridge in Shanghai with blurred light from cars

Positioned for growth

Our locations allow us to benefit from increasing urbanization, rising affluence and a scarcity of Class-A logistics facilities.

Ferry building in San Francisco
Muni bus in San Francisco


Sustainable design

This is not your average warehouse. We lead the industry in renewable energy, technology-driven operational platforms, efficient lighting and cooling systems, sustainable water strategies and seismic isolators. We design all of our new developments to comply with sustainable certification standards.

Prologis Park Ichikawa

Insightful business practices

Our eleven co-investment ventures allow us to align with investors and partners and to tap public and private capital while mitigating the risk of foreign currency movements. These innovations are not only good for the bottom line. They’re sustainable.

Tesla facility


Surpassing professionalism

We have a deep organization staffed by the very best professionals in the industry. We know our customers and competitors, work closely with local government officials, understand geographic nuances and deliver innovative solutions.

Prologis employees working

Speed and flexibility

In-market strength enables us to quickly identify local opportunities and execute profitably. Meanwhile, bigger scale and better systems allow us to flex and serve even the most complex global customers.


Mindful management

Our actions are guided by a three-part long-term plan that entails capitalizing on recovering rents, extracting value by putting land to work, and leveraging our scale for profitable growth.

Prologis management team

Thoughtful ambition

We combine proven development and operating strategies, financial acumen, and a rigorous capital deployment process to deliver industry leading management of capital, customers and facilities. Simply put, we aim higher and deliver fully. Click to read more about leadership

FFO (Basic) Per share (unit)


Relative to the financial information, please see the 2014 Form 10-K. FFO per share/unit (basic) is a non-GAAP measurement. Please see the 2014 Form 10-K for a discussion of FFO and a reconciliation for FFO to net earnings (loss).